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Genetic Genealogical Consultant

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Consultant Profile
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Understanding DNA Testing

About the Consultant:

 I have traveled over the the world studying indigenous cultures and Cultural Anthropology. I have lived in North Africa, Europe and the South Pacific. I Have spend 10 years researching and documenting my Native Ancestry through  family oral interviews, researching genealogical records on Native Americans of the south and southeast as well as other various tribes and locations throughout the United States. I am the founder and moderator of the non-profit Native American organization, The Native American Lineage Group. Our members are of Native American decent from the various indigenous peoples of Canada, North/South/Central America and the Caribean. We have documented our Native Ancestry through DNA testing and/or Genealogical research. We share haplogroups found amongst people of Native American Origin. We study, participate in, preserve and share our Native culture from the various tribes and regions. I am also a member of The National Geographic Society.  and the International Society for Genetic Genealogy.

I am a proud member of the MCDC Pee Dee Indian Tribe. A portion of the fees I will dedicate to helping the tribe.


 Proud to be of Native American Heritage!!!