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Genetic Genealogical Consultant


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Understanding DNA Testing

Types of DNA Testing used to determine if you have Native American Ancestry or to tell your Admixture Percentages:

We offer the following DNA testing:
1. Admixture/Native Verification
2. Maternal line/Native Verification
3. Paternal line/Native Verification
*All test include an evaluation of your personal family history with consult.


    ***Test usually take 6 to 8 weeks for results***

     **Information is kept confidential!!!**

     * DNA Testing cannot tell what tribe you descend from*

Genealogical Research can sometimes be helpful in establishing tribal origins 


What you recieve with your test:
A certificate with your results from our Lab.
A CD-rom with your personal info on it with charts and graphs helping to understand your results.
A consultation and evaluation from myself a Genetic Genealogist listed with the International Society of Genetic Genealogy to help determine if you have Native Ancestry.


We work in conjunction with  highly reputable labs that specialize in DNA Testing and use the most highly qualified Geneticist and state of the art equiptment to sequence and interpet your DNA.

We accept Checks, Money orders, Paypal or you can pay the invoice directly through your e-mail safe and securely!