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Understanding DNA Testing

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Understanding DNA Testing

Native Heritage

Admixture Test/Native Verification checks to see what is a persons "ethnic admixture" is in percentages. It will tell you what percentage of Native American, European, Sub-saharan African, or *East Asian you are. You inherit 50% Autosomal Genes from each parent. These are the specific set of genes that are looked at (the test  however cannot tell you how much exactly from each). Genealogy can sometimes be used to help calculate this or by testing one or both parents. The test will give you a clear picture of your individual total admixture. This test can trace admixture back to about eight generations. Both Males and Females can take this test.
*People of Native American Decent quite often show moderate to high frequencies of East Asian DNA as well.

"Genetic Studies conducted on full-blooded indigenous populations from North, Central, and South America (the New World) has identified a limited number of shared genetic markers. These markers have very specific modes of inheritance and are relatively unique to populations with Native American Ancestry. There are 2 types of inheritance pattern categories that these markers follow, either a directly paternal linkage (i.e., male-to-male-to-male, etc.) or a directly maternal linkage (i.e., female-to-all her children. Then, only the female children pass it on to all their children)"

The Maternal Line Test can tell if you decend from a Full Blood Maternal Female  Native American Ancestor of and if you fall into one of the Native American haplogroups such as A, B, C, D. I myself belong to maternal Native American Haplogroup A. The Mitochondrial DNA is passed from mother to both males and females. Only females pass it on to thier female offspring continuoulsly each generations males do not pass it on to any of thier offspring. Both Males and Females can take this test.
 The Paternal Line Test can tell if a male decends from a full blood Native American male ancestor. Males only inherit thier fathers Ydna and females do not. Males pass it on to their male offspring continously each generation. So only Males may take this test to trace thier paternal lines.
One may take one or a combination of the test as packages. It depends on your family history which can be assesed to see what is the appropriate test for you.